David Russell

School buses in urban areas
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Letters, Coquitlam Now
September 10, 2003

(Copyright Coquitlam Now 2003)

After reading the Sept. 3 My View by David Russell ("Do we really need school buses in urban areas?") I whole heartedly agree with his comments on the use of school buses.

When my children were in the French immersion back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, parents were responsible for getting their children to school, wherever that school was located. French immersion schools were few and far between and, for many years, I lived in my car, ferrying my children to and from school. I have no objection to this and would do it again.

However, I do agree that parents should be responsible for getting their children to and from school in urban areas. If they cannot walk them, they can drive them, or form carpools. Most families these days are two-car families.

The costs of school buses must be draining some other resource that might be more important and of more use to the education system. It sounds as though it might be a good idea to look at this issue and put the funds elsewhere.

Sue Mullen

Port Coquitlam