David Russell

David Russell doth protest too much

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Letters, Victoria Times Colonist
January 14, 2001
(Copyright Times Colonist (Victoria) 2001)

Methinks David Russell ("Wish list for a new, improved school system" Jan. 3) doth protest too much.

I agree that there are many good teachers in the system, but I get frustrated with the process of weeding out those who are not. In my experience parents and students are not taken seriously by the administration when there is a problem with a teacher.

As for Russell's whine about the system; welcome to the real world! Heavy equipment and new materials are delivered to workplaces around the country during normal business hours, i.e. 8-5. It is ridiculous to ask taxpayers to pay the extra wages it would take to have contractors complete work in the evenings and on weekends ... when was the last time Russell and his B.C. Teachers' Federation buddies agreed to work on weekends and after four?

As for his attack on parents, appointments for doctors, dentists and other professionals must be made during the work/school day as there are very few of these professionals who work during after school hours.

I have found it almost impossible to make appointments with teachers to talk about my concerns, if it involves them being at the school any later than 4 p.m. Why do you think other professions should accommodate your schedule?

Oh by the way, teachers' never-ending PD days are not convenient for most people's work schedules either, but we don't have any recourse on that! Maybe they should take them in July or August!

Perhaps Russell should try to understand the frustration of the public and why sometimes that frustration results in vilification.

Richard Durrett,